What is sea salt? Key health benefits

salt or sea salt

Sea salt is a salt created when seawater evaporates. Evaporation can occur in sunlight, in the atmosphere or in a vacuum, where it evaporates faster. Some of the most expensive sea salt available is evaporated by the sun, and its production is generally slower.

When you use minimally processed sea salt, you are using a salt that contains valuable minerals. It also contains natural flavors and pigments that make it palatable and attractive for cooking and cosmetics. Salt can be unrefined or refined, but generally unrefined salt is recommended for maximum health benefits. Refined sea salt, on the other hand, is refined to remove trace elements and often contains harmful additives that can cause intestinal bleeding.

Health benefits

Rich in trace elements

Good quality sea salt usually contains 60 trace elements, but some sea salts, such as Himalayan sea salt, contain up to 84 trace elements. Sea salt is a great source of trace elements in any case.

In the absence of nutrient-rich soils, it becomes increasingly difficult to obtain micronutrients from food. However, the earth’s oceans are rich in micronutrients, from which various sea salts are formed.

This helps prevent dehydration and maintain fluid balance

The effects of sodium on the body are as follows: water follows salt, meaning that too much sodium can lead to water retention. Conversely, a lack of sodium can lead to water loss, manifesting as symptoms such as dehydration and intense thirst.

Adequate daily intake of sea salt also ensures adequate sodium intake and helps balance the sodium-potassium ratio. Electrolytes – a combination of sodium and potassium – are responsible for maintaining the fluid balance of the body’s cells, plasma and intercellular fluid.


Less processing of raw salt preserves more of the natural minerals. Sea salt contains many electrolytes important for health, such as sodium, magnesium, calcium and potassium.

Electrolytes perform many important functions, such as regulating heart rhythm and contracting muscles to move the body. A moderate intake of sea salt can help prevent electrolytes from becoming imbalanced, which can lead to serious, life-threatening side effects.

Aids in proper nerve, muscle, and brain functioning

Sea salt is rich in sodium, which is needed for proper brain, muscle and nervous system function. Sodium not only regulates water balance in the body, but also plays an important role in the transmission of electrical signals in the body.

Why is this important? When electrical signals are not transmitted properly through the body, several problems can occur.

Better absorption of nutrients

Sufficient stomach acid also helps the body absorb vitamins and minerals such as calcium, zinc, iron, folic acid and vitamin B12. Therefore, it is important to take good quality stomach acid regularly. This helps the body absorb more nutrients from food.

This is good news because it means your body can absorb more nutrients from the food you eat. It’s not just about what you eat, but how your body processes nutrients to get the nutrients your body needs every day.

Risks and side effects

Despite the health benefits, overconsumption is not recommended. Too much sodium causes the kidneys to excrete more water. This can lead to imbalances in other important electrolytes. Excess sodium can lead to symptoms such as bloating, drowsiness, dehydration, weakness, irritability and muscle cramps.

Hypernatremia occurs when the balance of sodium and water in the body is disturbed. This condition is most common in low-weight and malnourished infants, people who are breastfed or receiving modified milk, elderly people with diabetes or kidney disease, and patients after severe burns.

Symptoms: Severe dry mouth, headache, confusion, irritability, restlessness and lethargy. If hypernatremia is suspected, consult a doctor immediately.

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