What is Tesla

What is Tesla

what is tesla to do when everyone wants it? is she just going to put a black band around the stock for a while? and maybe she is being tautvibescible, I mean if she thinks her stock price is crazy, then thats her problem, but you know what I am saying, when a company releases a product with out a way to pay for it and it flies off the shelves, the market cap is growing and the company is still on the cheap side, they can actually offer a substantial profit when the stock price is sitting right, if they can come up with a way to share that with shareholders and investors.

these are the kind of decisions, tesla should make, i know that its not in her blood, but I think she should lean more into the innovative side of things, and not try to get as many people with her, I mean if she isn’t going to make a profit on the stock, then why try to get people with her?

but what is the future of electric vehicles?

We don’t need another giant acquisition to catch up with the gas guzzlers.
We need a bunch of small, niche companies that are using an old process and doing it well.
They are off the shelf items, they are all over the internet.
Just Google them, they are probably out there in the flesh and blood of owners.

My own would be sebra.

This is a company that was started in 1971.
I bought one for myself last month and have been testing it out for several days.
What a great vehicle!
Like a non – gas powered golf cart that uses an old bicycle as the primary power source.
That, in my opinion, is a big win in the public relations area.
They aren’t trying to put a dent in the gas mileage department

they don’t have to.

This one gets upwards of 45 miles to the gallon on the highway!
Add in the fact that it is far cheaper than the gas guzzlers that have been making a killing for the past year or so and it’s a big winner.
Then you throw in the fact that the company actually does a decent job with what they do, and people are more willing to try it out.
I mean the poor girl was starved for attention.
She needs to bring back ‘Murica, as we have come to call it.
We have all had some serious problems in the past couple of months with our computers at work.
The poor girl that is the network admin for all of us has had her hands full with all of the issues we have had.
We all work on two laptops that connect over USB.
We have issues with the batteries dying, then getting plugged in, then recharging, then dying.then we have
isues with settings that need to be fixed, things like that.
Then, we have issues with the ports not fitting together, then things stick
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