What to Look For in Reliable Medical Laundry Services

medical laundry services

There is no room for guesswork when it comes to taking care of and maintaining medical linens and clothes. The stakes are even higher when you work with a third-party medical laundry service provider. There’s no way to downplay how helpful it is, but it also comes with many risks. After all, linens are still one of the most likely to get damaged in your stock. Over the years, we’ve seen case after case of outbreaks that were caused by linens. Some of them ended up killing people.

That’s why it’s important to know what to look for in a medical laundry services company.

What to Look for in a Service for Medical Laundry

These four things are left when you take away all the marketing tricks and PR stunts. The following are signs of good medical laundry service:


When it comes to commercial laundry, the world of healthcare laundry service is very different from that of other types. Standards are higher, skills are more important, and not everyone with the title “Laundry Service Provider” can meet them. Because of this, the best service provider is one that only works in this industry. This makes sure that not only do they have the skills to do great laundry but also that they will do so. It also ensures that their building and business are fully focused on and made for a healthcare laundry place.


Anyone can say that they meet safety and hygiene standards for their industry. Few people can show that they can be trusted. Their certifications are the best and safest way to judge them. You should look first at whether or not they follow the rules set by OSHA, The Joint Commission (TJC), and the CDC. You should also look for certifications from third parties, like the TRSA’s “Hygienically Clean Healthcare” certification. These certifications provide the most objective proof that your (potential) service provider can provide the safety they promise.

Facilities and Tools

Your medical linens’ safety and overall quality depend on more than just how they are cleaned. The quality of the building is also very important. The right tools not only make sure that the linens are clean. It also helps make sure that the laundromat with a drop off service company has enough linens to meet your needs. This capacity, in turn, makes sure that your deliveries never stop.

Track Record

First-hand accounts are the best way to determine how good a company is. You can get a clear idea of what to expect from a medical laundry service provider by looking at their history, track record, and testimonials from past and present clients. Check how they behave with their clients and what kind of services they offer.

In Bottom Line

Your infection control protocols can be made stronger by the company that does your medical laundry. They can also break through all your defenses. When you hire a company to do your medical laundry services, choose one with all the above qualities. Make sure you check everything before choosing one.

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