Why the Samsung Galaxy S10e is the Best Phone for You

Why the Samsung Galaxy S10e is the Best Phone for You

The new Samsung Galaxy S10e offers all the features you love about the Galaxy S10 line in a slightly smaller package, at half the price of its bigger brother, the Galaxy S10+. But what makes it different? Is it right for you? We’ve put this phone through its paces, and we’re here to tell you that if you’re looking for the best mid-range smartphone, this is it. Check out our full review below!

The Hardware

-Camera Quality: The camera quality has greatly improved over the past few models and produces better images with less noise. -Screen Quality: The screen quality on this phone is outstanding, especially when compared to other mid-range phones. -Battery Life: The battery life lasts longer than most other phones and features rapid charging to quickly charge your phone if needed.

-Durability: The glass exterior of this phone makes it more durable than previous models, as well as nearly impossible to break without going out of your way or purposely dropping it.

One major downside is that the fingerprint sensor is no longer on the front side of the phone, but rather at the back. With a new design, you will have to get used to holding your phone differently in order to unlock it. But once you do, there’s really not much to complain about with this phone. It’s sleek, attractive, and does everything that any person would need from their cell phone without breaking the bank.

The Software

Samsung Experience gives users a sleek look while also giving them easy access to all of their information.

There are a variety of available apps, so that no matter what you want to do with your phone, there will be an app on this phone that can help you do it. There are over 200 different Samsung experience feature settings to personalize your phone, and 20+ ways to navigate back and forth through menus. The display is brilliant with deep blacks and vivid colors, making viewing anything on your screen pleasing to the eye. A quick press of the power button unlocks your phone in one second which makes getting into your device even faster than before.

The battery life is excellent; I found myself going about two days without needing to charge my phone, which was much better than other phones I’ve used in the past.

This is just a small list of all the amazing features that come with this phone!

The Camera & Video Quality

The Galaxy S10e has a 12MP rear camera and a 10MP front-facing camera. Both take excellent pictures in all conditions, but you should note that there are differences between how these two cameras operate. For example, the rear camera does not have a selfie mode but does come with software for face filters and stickers.

The front-facing camera does not offer zoom or wide shots, but does come with modes such as boomerang and selfie switching mode. Video quality on both of these cameras is amazing with the back camera being able to shoot in 4K at 60fps while the front facing camera can only shoot at 30fps in 1080p. These video options make this phone perfect for anyone who loves taking videos.

 Final Thoughts

The first thing you will notice about the Samsung Galaxy S10e is its incredible display. The vibrant colors and exceptional brightness show off your photos like never before. The 2K resolution and 24-percent screen ratio give you more than enough space to work or watch videos. The water drop notch design of this phone might not be ideal if you love taking selfies, but that doesn’t take away from the good camera.

Overall, this budget phone from Samsung delivers with a lot of advanced features in a compact package. There are cheaper options on the market, but none of them can offer everything the Galaxy S10e does. If you want a phone with all of the latest specs at an affordable price, then look no further than this one! It also has some great security features to help keep your data safe. The built-in facial recognition technology will unlock your phone almost instantly when it recognizes you.

You’ll also get alerts when someone tries to log into your account without permission, which gives you peace of mind knowing nobody else can get into it without knowing your PIN code. The fingerprint sensor on the back is fast and accurate too, so there’s really no reason not to use it as well. The battery life is fantastic too, lasting up to two days per charge on average use. No matter what kind of person you are, the Samsung Galaxy S10e has something for everyone.

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