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For $249.99, the Wyze Robot Vacuum offers 2,100Pa of suction force and a laser sensor to map your space. You can set up virtual borders to prevent the vacuum from entering certain areas by using an app. Discounted offers are offered here with a Wyze promo code. It quickly and carefully removes garbage and pet hair from hard surfaces and carpets.

In comparison to other robots in its price range, the Wyze vacuum offers more mapping and cleaning customisation options, but the iRobot Roomba 675 has a longer battery life, greater obstacle avoidance, and voice control functionality.


– Able to generate a powerful vacuum.
– Comes with a laser mapping system
– Supports timers, cleaning, virtual walls, and app control
– High Performance Particulate Air Filter


– Voice-activated functions turned off
– Low battery capacity results in a limited runtime
–  occasionally has trouble unsticking.


with dimensions of 13.80 x 13.80 x 3.70 in. and a 3.70-hour battery life (Tested)

There are 83 minutes left on the timer.

Vacuum/Mop Hybrid Not


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For the price, robot vacuum technology is incredible. Seven sensors are used to map your home, avoid obstacles, and find the base station.

Millions of invisible laser dots are fired by Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) scanners to survey the area and produce an editable floor model. Affordable vacuums with laser mapping technology are uncommon, such as the $499 Proscenic M7 Pro and the $799 Ecovacs Deebot T8 AIVI.

You may give each room a name, decide which ones to clean, and direct the robot cleaner there when the Wyze vacuum has mapped your home. You can create virtual barriers to prevent the robot from tripping over wires under your desk or TV stand.


To the contrary of other less expensive floor-cleaning robots, the Wyze Robot Vacuum cleans methodically and in straight lines. The robot divides each room into its component parts and uses a four-core Cortex-A7 CPU and a LiDAR map of your home to determine an efficient cleaning path.

The robot makes use of speed sensors to determine its location and orientation, a gyroscope to maintain its route, cliff sensors to avoid steps and cliffs, and collision sensors to reposition itself when it comes into contact with obstacles below the LiDAR scan. The robot’s induction and charging sensors help it dock when its battery is running low or it has completed cleaning.

Button controls

There are home and power buttons as well as a garbage lid on top of the Wyze vacuum. While the robot moves through the trash, a tiny HEPA filter purifies the air. The main and edge brushes are at the bottom. The only versions without edge brushes are those made by IRobot.

Due of the vacuum’s LiDAR sensor, it is tall. It is 13.8″ wide and 3.7″ high. The most costly choice is the $300 Eufy RoboVac 30C, while the similar-priced $220 Dser RoboGeek 23T and $220 Eufy RoboVac 11s also have 2.8-inch screens (2.9 inches).


Wyze vacuum features three suction settings: standard, powerful, and silent (2,100Pa). It is almost as powerful as the 2,200Pa provided by the RoboGeek 23T. The vacuum is noisier the more suction it has. According to OSHA, Wyze’s silent mode operates at 58dB, which is quieter than a normal conversation. The weak and strong modes are 61db and 64db, respectively.


Setup for the Wyze vacuum and app pairing are simple. Place the charging station 1.5 feet from each side and 4.5 feet from the front, connect it to a power source, and add the edge brush. Place the robot on the ground and turn on the light indicator by pressing the power button for three seconds. Next, attach the robot to the charging station by lining up the metal induction strips on both the robot and charger.

Create an account via the Wyze app (Android, iOS). Click Add Device > Home > Wyze Robot Vacuum after opening the app. Hold the power and home buttons down on the robot until “Wi-Fi connection reset” appears and the buttons begin to flicker. After entering your Wi-Fi password and selecting Next on the app, go to your phone’s Wi-Fi settings menu and connect to the specified network.


On its initial run, the Wyze vacuum LiDAR sensor maps your home on its app. Six rotations per second are made by the sensor, which can measure distances to 2,016 sites up to 26 feet away. On its initial trip through your home, the Wyze Robot Vacuum creates a map of the space. It took 30 minutes to map my 900 square foot main floor.

In standard mode, Wyze’s robot can clean for 110 minutes. The robot cleaned silently for 83 minutes during testing before returning to its base station.

The robot should be able to clean an entire 1,000 square foot home or apartment on a single battery. When the robot’s battery becomes low, it will go back to its base station to get more power before continuing. A vacuum with a longer battery life, such as the iRobot Roomba 675 or the I Life A9, may be preferable if you have a big house.


Wyze gives you the option to customise your home’s cleaning route. The names of each room are initially “room 1,” “room 2,” etc., but you may change them by clicking Edit Map from the gear icon in the top right corner of the app. If necessary, divide or combine the map rooms.

Divide large rooms if your floor plan is open to allow for more thorough cleaning. My dining room, living room, and kitchen used to be considered one space. I partitioned this area into three rooms as it was appropriate. I can send the robot to the untidy kitchen.


After each cleaning session, the Wyze Robot Vacuum needs to manually empty its trash can. Wyze advises making use of the trash can and HEPA filter brush. Additionally, you’ll need to clean the robot’s sensors, primary brushes, and edge brushes.


Wyze continues to be known for offering affordable smart home solutions with its first robot vacuum. For $250, Wyze Robot Vacuum offers house mapping, route planning, space cleaning, and virtual walls using LiDAR technology.

It’s a clever robot vacuum even without voice features from Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Because of its battery life and obstacle avoidance, the Roomba 675 is our Editors’ Choice, although both are excellent choices.

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